Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Top Ten Favorite Bloggers

Janet Toral is conducting The Influential Blogger Writing Project on the Top Ten Emerging Influential Bloggers' Contest.

These blogs are very informative,they are inspiring and have positive effects on people's lives. I really appreciate all the blogs and i love reading them.

1. Holly Jahangiri - It's All a Matter of Perspective: Mine:
It is a blog that gives information and entertainment at the same time.

2. Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino - Zorlone -
- Doc Zorlone is not only a qualified internal medicine doctor, but is also a great poet. His poems lend credence to his ultimate creativity.

3. Jan Geronimo- Writing to Exhale -
- A blog where the east and west meet.. English or tagalog, he writes with excellence.

4. Roy dela Cruz-The Struggling Blogger-
- His thoughts are useful and amusing. Nice to read.

5. Angel Cuala - Fatherbloggerdotcom -
-A good and informative blog about parenting, blogging, growing up, and even relationship problems.

6. Kelvin Servigon - Kelvinonian Ideas 2 -
- Good photos and articles are posted in this blog!

7. Irene - Lifelots -
- Inspiring ideas about life and love could be learned from her blog..

8. Bing - I Love/Hate America -
- A blog about the author's life in America!

9. Luke - A Walk in the Dark -
- A very inspiring blog about computers, facebook and triumvirate. Good topics for reading.

10.Dee - Tales from the Mom Side -
- Blog of note for moms and non-moms as well.

You may want to vote for them! But first read them and tell me I am right. Thank you and god bless. Ü

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  1. Hi Diana,

    I'm Jan of WritingToExhale. Thanks a lot for nominating my blog. I'm thrilled my writing appeals to the younger generation - more than makes up for the irregular hours I keep. ",)

    A reminder, Diana. If you still have not visited Ms. Janette Toral's blog please do so and leave a comment to say you've completed your entry to her blog writing project. Doing so will make your nominations included in the master list of validated votes. Sayang naman your effort if these will not be counted.

    The link to this writing project post of Ms. Janette is this:

    Thanks, Diana. God Bless. ",)

  2. Hi Diana!

    Nice meeting you this afternoon. I really wish you can join us on Saturday, although as Jena have said, the time of the event was of utmost concern for the group.

    Anyway, just in case, there would still be future blogging events.

    take care

    oh, by the way. Thank for voting for my blog, I appreciate it very much!

  3. Hi Diana. This is to mark your entry as complete. For raffle inclusion, kindly update your sponsors list. Hope you can join this Saturday.

  4. Thank you diana,

    My only clue was that you have both Canada and Pampanga in your profile. So, I picked them up as inspiration to this poem.


    The world may be divided,
    continents, hemispheres, and time.
    Yet, the steps of technology,
    speak loudly in our minds.

    Elusive muse of the North,
    this simply letters often see.
    A guide of compass that points,
    to each other, these roads may meet.


  5. Hi Diana Christina! You have such a lovely name. Thanks for Nominating A Walk in The Dark.

  6. Hi Diana!

    Luke was right, totally a lovely beautiful name... sounds like a goddess to me. :D

    Kudos to blogging and studies!

    Jai ho!

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