Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Glad I've Found You

I'm Glad I've Found You

I'm glad I've found my gonads but I’m wondering if you are the one one I've been looking for after all I've been through.

A lot of questions run through my mind, will you be there to take care of me or will you be like the rest and leave me behind?

You seem like the kind of hormone I've been looking for.

But I guess I'll have to get to know you more to be sure.

I have a lot to give and it seems like you,too.

Hopefully this time I've found a hormone that is true.

I love your job within my body and the way you make me feel. I have a feeling we could be together for quite awhile.

I'll care for you and be with you as long as you want me to stay.

What I feel for you just won't seem to go away.

So for now I will cherish the moments you spend outside my hypothalamus and pituitary gland because the way you make me feel is like heaven.


  1. i think u still have to polish your poem for some typogsphical errors.. im looking for the informations bout ur topic..i guess u still have to concentrate bout the description of your hormone..

  2. Hello Diana,

    Quite funny , but I'm afraid you may have to see me. Nice poem , except for typos and errors.

  3. hahah. your video is funny yet full of thought. your poem, for me, is more of a love poem than a poem about your topic. polish your poem to make it better.

  4. Nice. Keep writing, your talent will be nurtured as you learn and read more.

    Good luck!


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